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awesome brandon writes:

i Brandon banks would like to be a OA, I'm love being nice. and i love making pics. i am 17 years old. and ready to take anything. its fun to see ppl happy when u give them something. i love gg and i always had fun on gg. its okay if u will not let me be a OA, i will totally understand.

thank u for listening

nelly2000 writes:

meine name ist christiane,ich komme aus deutschland.
ich bin 38 jahre jung und ich liebe creddys.
meine creddys sind unikate also meine creationen.
habe mir die cd dafür bei creo gekauft.
es sind meine werke,die ich mir selber ausgedacht habe.
ich würde deshalb gerne ein oficieler künstler werden da es die creddys nur bei mir gibt und nirgends woanders.
es sind meine creddys halt.
ich hoffe sie verstehen mich.

fallenhalo writes:

My name's Mayra and I'd love to be an OA ;D. I'm only young but I'm still mature, I have been on GG for a while (I've moved accounts a "few" times ;P) and I really admire the website. I enjoy creating graphics to the best of my ability very much ;D. I would love to take people's request and make the best graphics I possibly can for them to be happy n_n. I am also Benji!, Moonlightxmystic and xSupa.Ninja (just letting you know so that you can see a preview of what I can make ^-^). Well, the rest is up to you n_n. Have a good day and thank you for reading~!

shonna writes:

My real name is La Shonda and I use Shonna as my name so much easier for me and others...I love doing graphics and I've been here about 2 years on Glitter Graphics and I am loving it enjoyed making others graphics and also meeting great friends on here on Glitter Graphics that has really great talent in each of there own ways I want to thank you for having me here at Glitter Graphics it's been a blast here and I would like to be an Official Artist and I be willing to make graphics for others and also help others out if they need help on something I do have my own programs to make my own graphics... I will be nice to everyone on the board and thank you for yalls time have a wonderful day and Happy New Years and I will leave it up to you all.. ..

broadway. writes:

I Would love to be an official artist. my name is nada, and I'm turning thirteen In a few days. Graphic designing is something I do every day. I own two graphic sites. The URLs are wonderland.jerk-face.com and manipulated.co.cc (new). I also have a deviantart where I post my more advanced edits, and you can see those on nadakills.deviantart.com. I've been designing for about five months and I'm always trying to improve.
I make all my graphics myself and use Photoshop CS. i'm usually open to requests, and again, I love graphic designing, and it's be awesome if I was an oa (:

bunny 9 writes:

hi i know i take graphics from other site;s but ialso make some my own 4 people plz make me an offical artist i will do what ever u say i know how 2 make stuff with my own material

smiley helper writes:

hi i will like to be an oa...my name is kosain i love to design for others
i like grapics ...i dont care how preety is it i care who did the hard work..i want to be a oa i am happy as the way i am but i always ant to be a oa

darla_hearts_pink writes:

Hello there!

I am not too sure about being an OA although I do love making and sharing graphics with friends. I would however, love to help withh moderation. Please consider me if/when help is needed. I am a Glitter~Graphics.com addict and find that sometimes a moderators help would be handy and sometimes they aren't taking requests. Anyhow, I would love to help.
Thank you for ALL your hardwork you do for this community Madelon and Serhat

mary_317 writes:

I would Just I love to be an official artist. My Name Is Mary. And i am a really nice person. I love to make glitter graphics. I also don't mind to make glitter graphics for other people! I am trying to learn more . I do buy most of tubes! Thanks!

tags_aggela writes:

Hmm some of you (Mary,Shonna,Nelly) are making really pretty things! Espacially you Shonna! Love your animations!
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